Lottie Video Renderer

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Lottie Video Renderer with OpenGL

Minimal plugin to create a dynamic video with the help of After Effect Animation, Lottie Android Library, and OpenGL engine. The module is for rendering a realtime video using Lottie animation in android.

Lottie Animation to Video 


Activating the realtime rendering is a tuff idea but with OpenGL, we made it possible in one of our projects.

It renders much faster as compared to other libraries like FFmpeg. without using FFmpeg and android screen recording, we can now record the video from Lottie animation with OpenGL and realtime frames rendering with OpenGL native wrapper. contact us for more details about the project and demonstration.

Didem Yagci

Didem Yagci

I enjoyed working with Kiran, he has good communication skills, very good at problem-solving and he works hard for the quality of work. He sticks with the hardest problems until they are done perfectly.I highly recommend him and I would like to work with him again for future projects.

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